Suitable for drive position

Designed for short-distance, low-speed driving in soft mines, industrial and mining mixed-road , suitable for heavy load trucks all positions (drive position recommended).

>Reinforced carcass and bead design, 0 degree structure on shoulder, providing high quality and performance under heavy load conditions.

>Extra thick sidewall design, enhancing cut and impact resistance.

>Low heat generation tread recipe, wider shoulder pattern design, reducing shoulder separation effectively.

>Thickened groove bottom design, enhancing puncture resistance on unpaved road.

>Lateral grooves with wide angles design, increasing driving power and self-cleaning abilities.

SizePly RatingMax. Load (Kg)
Load Index
Overall Diameter
Section Width
Standard Inflation Pressure
Standard Rim
11.00R2018PR ★3550/3250152/149F10992939308.0
12.00R2020PR ★4000/3650156/153F11353159008.5
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